Righteous Rebel Music is a Los Angeles based music production company with locations in Los Angeles and Burbank. We provide a full range of professioanl music services and commercial music products. We specialize in pop, rock, singer/ songwriter, gospel, adult contemporary and international music. The projects we have worked on have received multiple Grammy awards and nominations, received multiple Platinum and Gold record awards, reached #1 on commercial radio and sales charts, received critical acclaim and appeared in major publications such as Billboard, LA Times, NY Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Entertainment Tonight, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and many more. We are recognized for providing the highest quality products and services. Some of our clients include Universal, Sony, Warner, Columbia, Paramount, Fox and Disney. We have been in business and operating successfully since 1999.
We provide a full range of professional music services in music production, recording, mixing and mastering. Record production services include producing with music producer, album and track mixing with mixing engineer, CD mastering with mastering engineer, musical arranging and musician contracting, music production coordination and music consulting, midi programming and music arrangements, music editing and music recording, radio mixing and radio editing of tracks, mixing and mastering music for web and online streaming, musical directing and coaching, music publishing and song writing, music licensing and sonic branding, and all other audio and creative services in the complete process of record production. We provide the highest quality music production, album mixing, track mixing, CD mastering and mixing engineer for your project. Your projects receive the highest level of detail and attention in order to achieve the best sounding recording of your songs and album possible. At Righteous Rebel Music we strive to maintain our 100% success rate with all our clients and continuosly strive to deliver the highest quality in the industry.
As president of Righteous Rebel Music, Sergio Ponzo is a multi-award winning producer, musician, songwriter, arranger, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer and music consultant. Sergio Ponzo is a music production expert with over 20 years of professional experience and has received Multi-Platinum and Gold Record Awards, two Grammy nominations, and has worked on many Grammy-winning projects. Sergio Ponzo has worked with the industry’s top recording artists including Grammy winners Destiny's Child, Usher, Mya, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Simpson, Bettye LaVette, Beverly Crawford, and Timothy Britten, and provided service to major clients including Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Columbia Records, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Disney. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree from McGill University (Honours, High Distinction, Dean’s Honour List) and has worked on the production of over 1600 recordings and over 100 full-length albums. Sergio Ponzo has worked on many Billboard acclaimed, chart-topping projects and #1 records. He is an active member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), LARAS, AFM, ASCAP, and a voting member of the Grammy’s. He is fluent in 4 languages (English, Italian, French, and Spanish) and expanded the company’s activity into international markets including Canada, England, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.
Some of our clients include Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Columbia Records, Paramount Pictures, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records, Virgin Records, Epic, Arista, Capitol Records, 20th Century Fox, Jive, Disney, J Records, MGM, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Motown, RCA, Windswept, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland, Mya, Van Halen, Slash, Sebastian Bach, Brianna Haynes, Bettye Lavette, Beverly Crawford, Kimberley Locke, Mandy Moore, James Roberson, West Angeles Mass Choir, Selma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Ruben Blades, Timothy Britten, Michelle Rodriguez, Carlos Ponce, Tiffany Villareal, BB Chung King, Buddaheads, Corby Yates, Jon Montalban, Denetria Champ, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Norman Hutchins, Tyrese, Wolf Mail, Chester Baldwin, Coco Montoya, Joel Penner.
Righteous Rebel Studios are first class recording studios with state-of-the-art equipment including comfortable and private locations with full-service staff. Excellent rooms for recording vocals, drums, guitars, bass, percussion, choir, keys, piano, voice-overs, small and large ensembles, mixing, and editing. Highly skilled, accredited, and award-winning music professionals and recording engineers located in the heart of the world’s recording industry. Wireless internet, large-screen TV, DVD, VCR, and gated parking lot. Our music production services include production, recording, mixing, music programming, music arranging, musicians, singers, music editing, recording editing, mastering, music consulting, music licensing, music for film, music for tv, songs for film, songs for tv, songs for trailers, songs for advertising, music publishing, songwriting, sonic branding, artist development, and other music services.
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One of our featured music artists is Brianna Haynes. In a world of female singers, there are very few that stand out from the crowd. Along with a truly exceptional and soulful singing voice, her talents as a dancer, performer, and songwriter set Brianna Haynes apart from the rest. She has performed on national television many times, sometimes with audiences of over 100 million viewers, appearing on MTV, CBS, FOX, NBC, “The Emmy Awards”, “The Superbowl”, and the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. It’s no wonder Brianna is being referred to as “the next major singing star” by many. Listen to songs from her debut album including Let It Slide, Never Gonna Get Some, I’ll Go On, Part Of Me, All I Ever Needed, Perfect Lover, All I Can Do, Faraway, Through The Eyes Of My Father, Christmas All Year Long, Thank You, and many more.